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I just want peace

#blacklivesmater Why just why? Does a black man have to be killed for being black He couldn't breathe  He just had a bag of skittles He had a permit for that gun You have the wrong person  He's not resisting DONT SHOOT In recent events, George Floyd was killed for allegedly writing a bad check, there is a video of it everywhere.  He was a black man who didn't resist, didn't commit any crime. When someone in the black community gets killed it hits home. That could've been a brother, uncle, or father. I'm tired of seeing black men and women as hashtags. There has been so much bloodshed and hatred these last couple of days. I'm praying for peace in this world. What can I do? What are you guys doing with what's happening currently?  Comment any petition, or protest that will help this situation        Love your neighbor as yourself  Mark 12:30-31

first year down

Finally   So I turned in my last essay for the spring semester. My first year of college is over. My advice for incoming freshmen is to stay focus and prepared. I have a good academic standing and I know GPA isn't everything. But guys GPA is forever and your reputation is important.  I wanna hear from my college students how was your semester .?

Things to do on quarantine

Hey beautiful people  I hope everyone is doing well in this time of crisis. It is important to keep positive and to Trust God. A little update from me : I have been doing the daily 15 challenge by Roodlene to practice discipline and grow in my walk in  Christ. (check out her blog . I have also been dealing with surviving university and family. comment something positive or sharing you've been spending your time. Things to do on quarantine Make a  Vision Board - This could be all the things you want to do after quarantine or 10 yrs down the line. This is a positive activity where you can visually see the future you want to have. And you can add things overtime or look back at the things you accomplished Make moods - I love creating mood boards on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration in different projects or tips that I need. 3). Learn a new skill I have been drawing and painting more

Netflix suggestions

 Shows NCIS Marlon The Office Black lighting Flash Arrow Supergirl Beauty and the Beast Sherlock   Movies The Secret (documentary) The Holiday Calendar Penelope To all the boys I loved before   The Kissing booth A Cinderella story Casper Black Panther Monster High movies Space between us  I need more suggestions to watch .Comment you watch any of the shows listed above and what did you think about it

Ear worm: Songs that Have been stucked in my head

ear·worm /ˈirˌwərm/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind.    . Types of music  I listen to Gospel(American and Haitian) pop R&B and soul Alright almost everyone has caught an ear worm before, depending on the song it could be a good thing or bad. I want to share some songs that have been on replay in my head over and over again  (Like that episode from Sponge Bob, look up musical doodle.) So check out these songs ,I hope you like it. Comment what you think about the songs and share any  song that is stuck in your head PS. shout out to t he "Top 50 Teen Blogs" for posting my blog. I'm number 35 guys